Living Rooms Page 4

Welcome to our Living Rooms Page 4

Here you will find Living Room Sets created by Cathy & Zita. Just click on the name sets below download.

Cathy's Painted Chinese Living Set

Download Here

MESHES needed for the Painted Chinese Living Set.

Echoes Rug Mesh : Top of our Rugs Section Here
Everything Else is Maxis. The vertical painting requires Nightlife.

Cathy Kler Set Bitter Plum Suede.


Click on small photos to see a bigger pic.

Meshes: Zita's Kler Living Set Meshes : New Mesh Sets Here

Cathy Kler Set Butter Leather.

Cathy Kler Set Dusty Violet Suede.

Cathy Kler Set Graphite Suede.

Cathy Kler Set Ocean Leather.

Cathy Living Cherry Suede.


Click on small photos to see a bigger pic

Rugs and paintings not included. Check out our Paintings and Rug Pages

Meshes: Zita's Cathy Living Set Meshes : New Mesh Sets Here

Cathy Living Buttermilk Leather.

Cathy Living Duck Egg Leather.

Cathy Living Graphite Suede

Cathy Living Ice Leather.

Cathy Living Milo Leather.

Cathy Living Mushroom Suede

Cathy Living Passion Suede.

Cathy Living True Lavender Leather.

Bijoux Cream Blue Roses.


Meshes: Echoes Rug Mesh : Top of our Rugs Section Here
Bijoux Wicker Set from Holy Simoly Here

Bijoux Fuschias.

Bijoux Ivy Trail.

Bijoux Orient

Bijoux Paisley.

Bijoux Waterlily.



Meshes Pottery Floor Lamp : Michael Study Here
Echoes Rug Mesh : Top of our Rugs Section Here
ygg Fluffy Sofa and Ottoman Here Do a search for Yggdrasil .. page 3 of results

Rattan Peel.

Cathy's Cleopatra Living Room Set

Download Here

Peggy Loveseat set page 36

Modern Sim Objects,
Page 2 Tig Canvas Basic, Tig Canvas Basic 1

Mango Sims: Painting Base: Page 1,
Nouvelle base du tableau

Zita Pottery Floor Lamp: Aussie Top Enders New Meshes

Echoes Rug Mesh: Aussie Top Enders Top of Rug Section



Modern Living Rubino Set.


WOOOHEEE Our Own Zita has made a whole living set of new meshes!! These look fantastic in game! The timber and leather textures look wonderful! You'll need her meshes from our new page:New Mesh Sets.

Rugs and paintings included in sets (small paintings are Maxis Arghist Soldier recolours), lamps on our Single objects Lighting page.
Painting Base for the Rubino set from Mango Sims. Meubles, Recolorables, page 1 : Mango Sims.
And ofcourse the wonderful Echoes RUG MESH from our: RUGS section

Modern Living Deep Sage Set.

Modern Living Cornsilk Python Set.

Modern Living Dusty Pink Set.

Modern Living Baby Blue Set.

Modern Living Navajo Sunset Set.

Modern Living Portico Set.


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