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Welcome to our Living Rooms Page 6

Here you will find Living Room Sets created by Cathy & Zita. Just click on the name sets below download.

Basic Antique Sets; Choose rugs to your taste on our Rugs page, Tall Cabinets in Single Objects, Decorative. Paintings in Objects, Paintings.

Antique Surfaces Set requires Lucas Sideboards Mesh (Next to Lucas Tall Cabinet Mesh). Meshes

Cathy Antique Surfaces Set.

Cathy Carved Antique Seating.

Cathy Classic Tamarind Seating.

Cathy Gold Scroll Antique Seating.

Cathy Inlaid Antique Seating.

Cathy Carved Oak Seating.

MESHES: Modular Sofa Sets v1.

Wirapuru Modular Sofa Set at MTS2 : Modular Set

Zita Coonabarabran Set.

Zita Narabri Set.

Zita Quirindii Set.


Crowridge Studio's Vintage Living Set at MTS2 : Vintage Living Set

Lucas Tall Cabinet Mesh. Meshes

You'll find suitable rugs and the wonderful Echoes RUG MESH in our: RUGS section

Cathy Vintage Living Golden Butterfly.

Cathy Vintage Living Golden Wood.

Cathy Vintage Living Oak N Rose.

Cathy Vintage Living Golden Panel.

The 3 Living Rooms below were recoloured using Reflex Sims Comart Meshes and China Fan Sims Curtain Mesh. We have included a text document with each zip telling you which mesh set was used. You can get her meshes from her website Reflex Sims.
China Fan Sims Curtain: China Fan Sims.

Zita Cairns Set.

Zita Condon Set.

Zita Coorong Set.


Cathy Country Distress Living Room.



Plants: Big plants from 4ESF Office 2 and Living 5 : Plants
Blinds from Peggy Sims, Objects p 16: Blinds.
Hanging ivy from yggdrasil at spiffy sims Downloads,TS2 Objects Furniture, Rugs Plants and Decorations: Yggdrasil Hanging Ivy.
Another thing and andanotherthing end tables from Jendea; Objects, End Tables : Jendea.
And ofcourse the wonderful Echoes RUG MESH from our: RUGS section

Cathy Rattan and Leather Living Room Set.

Cathy Rattan Peel Living Set.

Cathy Ariel Wine Durable Sofa Set.

Cathy Fruit on a Vine Sofa Set.

Cathy Durable Sofa Blue Melody

Cathy Durable Sofa Set Golden Spring

Cathy Durable Green Floral Swirl

Cathy Durable Sofa Set Summer


Cathy Durable Sofa Set Summer Roses

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